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Your Sex Life, Upgraded

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About Me

Since 2013, I’ve helped hundreds of folks shift their sex lives from meh to marvelous!   Let me help you make yours into the empowered, joyful, hot sex life you always dreamed of! Life's too short to be sexually unsatisfied, unsure, or unfulfilled — so what are you waiting for?

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"Once you do away with the idea of people as fixed, static entities, then you see that people can change, and there is hope."

bell hooks

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Education, Pleasure Empowerment & Coaching

Help for Your Life

I offer a variety of educational, sexually empowering and coaching services to help you move past the obstacles to erotic empowerment and intimacy in your life. I will help you identify your personal sexual values and desires, your erotic strengths, and your ability to make real change in your relationships or to identify your personal sexual goals. Explore below to see all the ways I can help you develop a different perspective and achieve what you’re striving for.

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Sexual Transformation Mentoring and Pleasure Empowerment



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Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Group of Female Friends

Curated Group Experiences

Happy Family

Family Education


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Contact me today to schedule a curated workshop, transformation session or to find out more.


Baltimore County, MD, USA


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